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Do you have water in your basement?

Do you have a damp or wet basement? Do you notice water in your basement after rain? When the moisture in your basement is noticable, it's time for a visit with the professionals at Fix My Basement.


Proven basement waterproofing solution.

Water is a basement's worst nightmare. There are all kinds of problems that can be caused by basement water, and they are not fun. At the start, you may not be able to tell where the water is coming from. That's because there are many ways water can get in.

As water falls into the soil, the soil begins to contract and expand. This puts pressure on the outer structure of the basement, resulting in cracks and in time, leaks. If there is poor soil drainage around your home, this will be the most common problem. This is why basement waterproofing is so important, especially in wetter climates. Without it, your home is at much more risk of flooding than others.

How to Remove Water from a Basement Permanently

We will be the first to tell you that preventing water from getting in is no easy feat. Keeping water out of your basement permanently can only be done by a professional. If you have tried to fill any leaks on your own with no success, do not be surprised. When water makes it inside once, it will likely come back in at the same source. A simple do-it-yourself project will not permanently fix the problem.

The goal of basement waterproofing is to allow you to live in peace knowing that your basement is healthy and safe from water damage. This is especially important if you ever plan on exploring the option of basement remodeling. Waterproofing is the only sure-fire way to protect your investments. Do not let your wet basement get to the point where your health starts to suffer from it. Forty percent of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home circulates from the basement. If you have any family members with breathing issues, this will be a nightmare for them. A wet basement and breathing problems do not make a good pair.

The good news is that you can have a safe basement by making one simple phone call to Fix My Basement. We understand the stress you are going through, and it is our job and desire to relieve that stress. Whether you have a small amount of standing water in the basement or a full-fledge leak, we will not ignore any problems. Our inspections are all inclusive, and we will get down to the root of the problem and fix it correctly.

Ways water gets into a basement

To get an idea, here are some signs you should keep an eye out for if you think that water may be getting into your foundation.

  • Water coming up through the basement floor
  • Water seeping through the basement walls
  • Slight cracks in the structure of the walls
  • Puddles forming near the basement windows (if you have them)

NOTE: Water will take the path with the least resistance, so it will not come up from the floor as often as the walls.

Basement waterproofing is our specialty

Give us a call to schedule your free basement inspection today. Why wait until the problem gets out of hand? We are standing by, ready to serve you.

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