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Basement Waterproofing @ FixMyBasement.com

Basement Waterproofing Professionals

We help create a dry living space in your basement that will increase the value of your home. Nobody wants a damp, smelly, or wet stinky basement. Get a clean, dry and waterproof basement today!


Each basement is different.

Whatever the cause of moisture in your basement, we will find it and we will find the best solution to solve the problem without the high cost that often comes with a larger company. Some of the most common problems that require a professional are:

*A tuck point is brickwork or masonry with a narrow groove that is filled with fine white lime putty allowed to project slightly.


Stopping moisture from leaks and cracks is our business!

Prior to finishing your basement with drywall and flooring, get the piece of mind in knowing that your investment won't wind up under water. Our full perimeter interior drain systems are guaranteed for life! You can feel comfortable knowing that your basement is well protected, dry and safe.

Every wet basement is an individual case and should be treated as such. Some basements have leaks caused from poor grade outside the home while others are caused by minor cracks from settling in the foundation. Some homes need a whole new drain tile system where others may need nothing more than just some minor tuck pointing work. Whatever the cause of moisture in your basement, we find the best solution to make it go away without costing as much as other basement foundation companies may charge to waterproof your basement.

Basement waterproofing system

Unlike any other local basement waterproofing company, we conduct a full foundation inspection to find the problem. Basement leaks can be caused by a damaged footing, cracked wall, clogged/collapsed drain tile, need for a basement membrane, or a combination of several problems. Our certified inspectors find the problem and determine which foundation system is best to fix your wet basement for good.


Proven basement waterproofing solution.

In most cases basement waterproofing is a difficult, messy, and labor intensive task, escpecially if you need a new basement membrane system. At Fix My Basement we have a time tested proven basement waterproofing system that works better than any other methods. We identify the cause of wetness, where the water is coming from why the water is coming in to find the best solution that's guaranteed to fix the water problem in your basement once and for all.

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Wet leaky basement problems don't just go away on their own. The longer they are ignored, the worse they get. Do not wait any longer and cause yourself greater damage and expense. Call the professionals at Fix My Basement. We will fix your wet basement right the first time and at a cost lower than the competition. Guanranteed!

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